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Marquette University Receives $10 Million Donation

Charles Besser is the current president and chief executive officer of Intersport, a marketing company focusing on sports and entertainment. A graduate of Marquette University, Charlie Besser played for the university’s varsity golf team and received the prestigious McCahill Award for athletics. Charles Besser later attended the Marquette University Law School.

Marquette University recently received a $10 million donation from an unnamed donor. About $7.5 million of the contribution will help the university add a new residence building for Jesuit priests. The university will construct the proposed building—at a cost of $15 million—within one block of the existing residence, which the university will eventually tear down to provide Marquette with additional green space. The remaining portion of the donation will bolster the university’s scholarship program, particularly financial aid for students in need. In May 2013, the school revised its strategic planning platform and identified need-based scholarships as one of the university’s top priorities.


Ally Miller Wins 2014 McCahill Award

The president and chief executive officer of Intersport, Charles Besser founded the company in 1985. In his role with the media and marketing company, Charlie Besser has grown the Intersport brand to include a sponsorship and event marketing division, as well as the entertainment news provider CelebTV.com. Charles Besser is also a past recipient of Marquette University’s McCahill Award for outstanding student athletes.

In an event held at the end of January 2014, Ally Miller was named the latest recipient of Marquette University’s McCahill Award. The award, introduced by the university in 1946, is a prestigious honor that recognizes students who excel in athletics as well as academics. Ally Miller, an advertising and marketing graduate who became the school’s most decorated women’s soccer player, will bring home her family’s second award—her sister Katie Miller earned the distinction in 2010. The Miller sisters account for two of just five women’s soccer players to be named to the McCahill winners list. During her four years at the school, Ally Miller led the Marquette Golden Eagles to their first-ever Big East tournament victory in 2012.

Marquette University Law School Scholarships

or nearly three decades, Charles Besser has served as president and chief executive officer of Intersport, a leading sports media and marketing business. Prior to founding the company in 1985, Charles Besser attended the Marquette University Law School. Charlie Besser, a recipient of the prestigious McCahill Award, played for the school’s varsity golf team.

The Marquette University Law School, one of two law schools in the state of Wisconsin, provides prospective students with a number of scholarship opportunities. Each year, between 33 and 50 percent of incoming law students receive merit scholarships from the university. The scholarship amounts range from $2,000 to $10,000 per year, though in some cases merit scholarships can account for full tuition. Students must remain in good academic standing to maintain the scholarship, which the university defines at a grade point average of at least 2.0. The school also works with the American Bar Association (ABA) to provide students with access to the ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund. These scholarships are worth $5,000 and can be renewed up to two times, for a total of $15,000.

Law Students at Marquette University Give Back to Milwaukee Community

Charles Besser founded Intersport, Inc., in 1985. Today, Charles Besser serves as the company’s president and chief executive officer. Before founding Intersport, Charlie Besser studied law at Marquette University, in Milwaukee.

Students at Marquette Law School have a number of opportunities to refine their legal skills while benefiting members of the local community. Various programs allow law students to work with local nonprofits and focus on transforming justice in the United States. One program, Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic (MVLC), teams law students with volunteer attorneys to offer a range of pro bono services.

Individuals throughout Milwaukee can come to MVLC for assistance with simple and complex legal matters. Students and volunteers explain important legal information and provide referrals to experts when necessary. Through participation in this program, students build close relationships with local attorneys, who may subsequently serve as mentors or offer jobs upon graduation. MVLC also lets students reinforce what they learn in the classroom and delve deeper into certain legal issues.

MVLC accepts individuals on a walk-in basis and offers assistance in all areas of civil law. The clinic does not foster attorney-client relationships and is not an appropriate forum for ongoing representation, making it ideal for students hoping to increase their familiarity with civil law while helping individuals in need.