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The YMCA – Dedicated to Closing the Achievement Gap

Charles Besser serves as the president and chief executive officer of Intersport, Inc. Outside of his responsibilities with the company, Charles Besser is dedicated to giving back to the Chicago community. To this end, Charlie Besser sits on the boards of directors of multiple organizations, including the YMCA of Metro Chicago. YMCA organizations around the country have made a tremendous impact on the lives of countless children. The organization believes that all children have endless potential and seeks to provide them with the tools they need to recognize this potential in themselves.

Research has revealed an achievement gap in the United States, as children from low-income and underserved backgrounds begin kindergarten at a disadvantage and slowly fall further and further behind. To close the gap, YMCA organizations have teamed with students, schools, and caregivers around the country to pilot various programs aimed at increasing school readiness. These programs, which pull directly from research recommendations, also focus on physical and emotional development.

Historically, the YMCA has launched a number of influential programs, including Teen Achievers, Leaders Clubs, and Youth and Government, each of which targets a specific at-risk group or provides opportunities for direct community involvement.


Law Students at Marquette University Give Back to Milwaukee Community

Charles Besser founded Intersport, Inc., in 1985. Today, Charles Besser serves as the company’s president and chief executive officer. Before founding Intersport, Charlie Besser studied law at Marquette University, in Milwaukee.

Students at Marquette Law School have a number of opportunities to refine their legal skills while benefiting members of the local community. Various programs allow law students to work with local nonprofits and focus on transforming justice in the United States. One program, Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic (MVLC), teams law students with volunteer attorneys to offer a range of pro bono services.

Individuals throughout Milwaukee can come to MVLC for assistance with simple and complex legal matters. Students and volunteers explain important legal information and provide referrals to experts when necessary. Through participation in this program, students build close relationships with local attorneys, who may subsequently serve as mentors or offer jobs upon graduation. MVLC also lets students reinforce what they learn in the classroom and delve deeper into certain legal issues.

MVLC accepts individuals on a walk-in basis and offers assistance in all areas of civil law. The clinic does not foster attorney-client relationships and is not an appropriate forum for ongoing representation, making it ideal for students hoping to increase their familiarity with civil law while helping individuals in need.

A Brief Overview of Intersport, Inc.

A graduate of Marquette University Law School, Charles Besser founded Intersport, Inc., in 1985. Since that time, he has served as the president and chief executive officer of the sports and entertainment media and marketing company. Among the company’s successful innovations, Charles Besser and Intersport created the college slam-dunk and 3-point championships and trademarked the phrase “March Madness,” which he sold to the NCAA in 2011. Today, Intersport has grown significantly from the company Charlie Besser launched almost 30 years ago.

In addition to media productions produced by 20 West Productions and CelebTV, Intersport specializes in creating memorable programs for events like the 2013 Super Bowl. One of the secrets to Intersport’s success is its ability to leverage a sponsor’s message to create a connection with consumers through events or over digital platforms. Over the course of its history, Intersport has won 11 Emmy awards and appeared on the event industry’s “IT” list seven times in addition to receiving many other accolades.