History of the McCahill Award

Charles Besser, a graduate of Marquette University, founded the sports and entertainment agency Intersport in 1985. Throughout the course of his tenure with Intersport as president and chief executive officer, Charles Besser has expended the company into various platforms and channels, including award-winning television and online programming. While attending Marquette University, he played on the varsity golf team and won the prestigious McCahill Award.

Marquette University has granted the McCahill Award to deserving student athletes for more than 65 years. Beginning in 1946, the college has used the award to recognize an athlete from the previous year’s senior class who demonstrates academic excellence and athletic talent. William Chandler and Raymond Kuffel, basketball stars at the university in the 1940s, won the first two McCahill awards. More than a decade later, tennis player Charles Mulcahy became the first athlete outside of football, basketball, and track to win the award. It was not until golfer Charlie Besser earned the distinction in 1972 that a fifth sport joined the award’s legacy.